Beware of the Crippling Affect of Uncertainty

No one takes delight in having to manage the unknown.  It can create uneasiness and discomfort that can even extend to physical affects.  This is never good. It also occurs in business.  However, sometimes it can be self-created for a variety of reasons.  Some entrepreneurs may not do enough to maintain control of their operations […]

Quality Group Living is About More than Nice Furniture….

Elaine spent over $30,000.00 to furnish an eight, (8) bed group home.  It was immaculate and possessed a quiet elegance that would rival the private residences of many upper middle class families.  As prospective residents and their representatives toured, everyone saw the WOW factor in motion. Within six, (6) months the home was full, within […]

Why are Licensing Bodies Leery of the Unlicensed Group Home?

Across America we house and serve a number of populations in small communities called group homes.  Licensing designations and requirements vary.  In Florida you have the Adult Family Care Home where the owner lives with and cares for residents.  This same model in Michigan is called the Adult Foster Care Family Home.  Then you have […]

Care Facility Shutdowns Almost Always Avoidable….

We have all heard the stories.  A nursing home or similarly licensed facility that cares for vulnerable adults is shut down due to various violations.  A recent one known as Arden Courts in Livonia, Michigan, for whom one of my companies has provided training in the past is a sad example of mismanagement and inconvenience.  […]

Group Homes are Viable but Require Special Success Ingredients

The group home is viable.  This care business model has saved families, kept communities united and assisted entrepreneurs with a focus on compassion to find fulfillment in service to the needs of others.  Regardless of the costly mistakes made by current and previous owners who allowed greed to turn into substandard care, regulatory compliance breakdown […]

In Adult Foster Care No Improvement Until Old Guard Gone?

In Michigan there is a running joke that goes, “can’t find work, not interested in higher education, go into adult foster care.”  Adult foster care is the regulatory designation for operation of small group homes which for decades have housed, cared for and often fulfilled the lives of those with mental illness, developmental delays, medical […]

Group Homes without Meaningful Activity are Shameful!

For more than 50 years American states and others have utilized the group home concept of residential living and care to house and provide services to the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled.  Today more and more are also serving the elderly.  Tens of thousands of these homes have also served the indigent with very […]

There is More than One Kind of Prison, and it Will Impact Your Business in Care

Just throw the word prison around and people conjure up thoughts of incarcerated criminals – everything from drug offenders to murderers to schemers who may have stolen grandpa’s life savings and blew it at the casino.  That is one kind of prison but not the only kind. For more than  twenty, (20) years I have […]

Be Discerning in Establishing Pharmacy Relationships

Whether you operate an adult day care program or an assisted living residence those you serve need medications.  Likely you hear from pharmacies on a regular basis asking for the privilege to serve your client base.  Many pharmacies offer incentives, some likely bordering on illegal or at least unethical . It is by no means […]