Why go elsewhere for your continuing education in care?


I enjoy helping retired educators sell your knowledge in classroom management and more in your own online school. Does the income and usage of your vast experience appeal?

Welcome, I am

Bruce W. McCollum

A Passionate Advocate for Community Based Care Excellence and Education.


“Does Training in Avoiding Sexual Impropriety in Juvenile Detention Matter? Our Product Aims to Address that…



We hold regular Coaching Sessions with our family. This helps to manage certain operational developments and to assist in adding strategy for future expansion. Here is where you schedule them or if not a member of our family yet, how to learn to join this progressive team.

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Welcome, I am

Bruce W. McCollum

A Passionate Advocate for Community Based Care Excellence and Education.

Passionate Advocate

Strategy - Planning - Conversation

A Passionate Advocate for Community Based Care Excellence and Education.

Constantly looking for something new to share for those busy providing care…

Community Based

Dedicated to the Development of People and Projects in Long-Term Care

When I say community based care I am referring to those wonderful programs from adult day health care to private duty in-home services to small-scale assisted living that work to provide dignified and highly person-centered assistance to so many.

1.Instructional design for state governments, county mental health authorities and others. For public payors it is all about uniformity in people development.

2.The development and distribution of continuing education for a variety of disciplines including assisted living and nursing home administrators, adult day care providers and more.

3.Development of specialized Treatment Plans designed to assist in a more focused approach to care delivery, especially for the catastrophically injured.

4.Corporate mentoring for care providers of all sizes in team building, system development, training development and general administrative function.

Visit some of our online schools.

For those who provide care to adults visit:

For those who provide care to children visit:

Our Priority

We help you develop a high-quality product.

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Another priority is how I help others to develop their on-line schools to serve their constituents better. Maybe you are a retired or current educator and you have valuable knowledge to add to current teachers on everything from classroom behavioral management to curriculum development. Maybe you are a shop mechanic and have knowledge to add to shop safety, efficiency and marketing. Maye you are a current or retired medical case manager and can teach others how to excel in this area. Allow my team and I to work with you to develop your training products and then market them for you on-line.

Others talk about helping you sell virtually nothing in terms of on-line schools. We help you develop a high-quality product.

The remainder of our time is developing people development products from driver safety training across America to the best in continuing education products and programs for nursing home administrators that help institutional care providers to enhance relationships with community based care assets. We are solidly committed to residential adult day health which can provide real care along the continuum.

Training & Preparing Child Care Providers for Success for Decades.

1. Annual Continuing Education
2. In-Service Tools
3. Licensing Preparedness
4. Audit Assistance
5. On-Site Classes


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