Care Facility Shutdowns Almost Always Avoidable….


We have all heard the stories.  A nursing home or similarly licensed facility that cares for vulnerable adults is shut down due to various violations.  A recent one known as Arden Courts in Livonia, Michigan, for whom one of my companies has provided training in the past is a sad example of mismanagement and inconvenience.  Click Here for the news story.  On May 25, 2016 State officials, including those from the Bureau of Fire Services mandated its closure due to numerous violations.

Now if you look at some semi-recent Violation Reports, it is clear that the violations exceeded matters of fire safety.  There are accusations of resident abuse, even a private caregiver indicating she observed an employee pinching and hitting residents.  Other violations cited employees not having their TB testing done, training not occurring as required in State of Michigan Administrative Rules and more.  Why does this happen?


One reason.  Bad management.  When the Bureau of Fire Services tells you to replace that door, to adjust that system, etc. you simply do it.  You never play cat and mouse with regulatory requirements or directives unless you can cite a request that is not rooted in law or State rule.  Barring that we simply comply.  Licensed for sixty, (60) beds as a home for the aged, surely a savvy owner could raise the money for any needed improvements.  Shortcut artists never succeed!

Young tired businesswoman with tons of documents calling phone
        When overwhelmed ask for help!

Further, if management personnel somehow felt overwhelmed and saw no way out, then it may be time for someone else.  That is an ownership issue!

I could have provided short-term leadership and cleaned that mess up in less than 2 weeks including observing the behavior of all staff and legally rooting out those who did not belong.  Instead, now we have families inconvenienced and patients having to be moved with 4 to 6 hours notice with television cameras everywhere.  Its a bummer all around.

Problems come and problems go.  We just have to stand out in front of the avoidable ones.

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