Never Let an “Over-Reaction” Lead to an “Under-Performance”

Famed master salesperson, the late Zig Ziglar threw that statement around quite a bit, the one used in our title.  While it might be left to interpretation by some, we know he related it to the life of the small businessperson.  These hard-working entrepreneurs might be the most time-starved people on the planet.  In almost […]

In Residential Care, the Sanitation Program Can Make or Break You

There is never a crime in focusing first and foremost on person-centered resident care when developing group living programs.  It would be a mistake, however, not to tie the home’s sanitation program to the success of person-centered care. Such a program or plan must take everyday and divide it into four, (4) or six, (6) […]

My Time with Young Entrepreneurs in Care…

I guess once you past 50 not everyone wants to call you young anymore.  I am ok with that, after all you are as young as you feel, right?  (and lol if it works for you).  The beauty of my age is what I can contribute to confident younger entrepreneurs in care who may be […]

Know the Ropes for Direct Purchase of Service Relationships

For more than thirty, (30) years Medicaid waiver agents, focused on the elderly and disabled and community mental health agencies focused on the mentally ill and developmentally disabled have contracted with service providers in their own internal pools to provide services for those whose care they manage.   These service providers include:   Assisted Living/Adult Foster […]

Why I am Not Super Quick to Unsubscribe

I recall our office receiving a phone call several years ago from an assisted living business in Michigan.  It was a support staff worker telling us her boss asked her to help cut down on some of the junk mail they were receiving.  So she was calling us since a postcard from our training company […]

My Approach to Writing Adds to its Value

I have been writing since I was a very little boy.  I recall Mrs. Franklin’s class in middle school which was the typing room but she also taught and stressed good grammar and spelling.  For a while I was a bit obsessed with good communication and most assuredly I have brought that to my writing […]