The Perils of the Unlicensed Group Home…

If you were to go to the home page of the website for the Michigan state government department that regulates group homes you will find these words:  “State of Michigan does not license assisted or independent living facilities. Please note, however, that a Home for the Aged or Adult Foster Care Home license may be […]

Group Homes are Viable but Require Special Success Ingredients

The group home is viable.  This care business model has saved families, kept communities united and assisted entrepreneurs with a focus on compassion to find fulfillment in service to the needs of others.  Regardless of the costly mistakes made by current and previous owners who allowed greed to turn into substandard care, regulatory compliance breakdown […]

You Cannot Be an Island in the Business of Care

An independent spirit is not always a bad thing.  After all in some situations self-reliance can mean the difference between success and failure or life and death.  However, we all know that is not the case in most relationships from friendships to parental attachments to marriage.  Someone else has to be considered. The same is […]

December Will Rock for Michigan AFC and Skilled Nursing Administrators

Innovation is the theme of our movement and always has been our focus.  Nursing home administrators manage policy, people and processes.  They must also be concerned about their own value. This year’s continuing education event for nursing home administrators, kicking off in Wayne County, Michigan December 15th and 16th, 2015, entitled “Refining Every Aspect of […]

Group Homes without Meaningful Activity are Shameful!

For more than 50 years American states and others have utilized the group home concept of residential living and care to house and provide services to the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled.  Today more and more are also serving the elderly.  Tens of thousands of these homes have also served the indigent with very […]

Be Discerning in Establishing Pharmacy Relationships

Whether you operate an adult day care program or an assisted living residence those you serve need medications.  Likely you hear from pharmacies on a regular basis asking for the privilege to serve your client base.  Many pharmacies offer incentives, some likely bordering on illegal or at least unethical . It is by no means […]

“If They’re the Flawed Party; Why are You the One Suffering?”

Whether its a business strategist, psychologist or pastoral counselor each would be quick to tell any of us that when things are not flowing in our lives as we think they should, we must first look at ourselves.  They will tell us to ensure that our approaches to differing areas of our lives, from romantic […]