Either Step up Your Game or Get Pushed Out of It

Entrepreneurs in the business of care, as a result of strong personal relationships developed, can find themselves getting pretty comfortable.  This is especially true in the adult foster care arena where long-term residents may dwell for decades. While every business has a need to keep reinventing itself,  this process of reinvention is now more than […]

Are Some States on a Crackdown Mission Against Group Homes?

Across America the number of homes that are used to house and serve the needs of the most vulnerable adults among us are being shut down.  No one is questioning the right of a state government to act against a poorly managed, unlicensed or mismanaged home as they did against Latham AFC a few years […]

“If They’re the Flawed Party; Why are You the One Suffering?”

Whether its a business strategist, psychologist or pastoral counselor each would be quick to tell any of us that when things are not flowing in our lives as we think they should, we must first look at ourselves.  They will tell us to ensure that our approaches to differing areas of our lives, from romantic […]