When the Goal is Worth it; Resolve Not to Quit….

Several years ago our company helped to develop an assisted living program we were proud of.  The physical structure was friendly and functional.  The owner was a long-term care professional which made the project of even greater value in our eyes.  Once we were finished our case management affiliate referred 2 residents rather quickly.

The owner refused the new admissions.  We were baffled.  We reached out and sought to find out if we misunderstood his intentions.

PIC - MAN AND MISTRESS 2Well after some very probing conversation what we discovered was obvious.  This newly remodeled home was no more than this client’s private place for him to practice his adultery.  He never intended to operate an assisted living residence.  His work with us was all subterfuge for the benefit of his wife.

This was a disturbing circumstance and it caused us some embarrassment.  Our team was emotionally exhausted afterward.  Do you think it made us want to give up on others even though there was no shortage of idiots we had encountered in the adult foster care system?  Absolutely not.

PIC - ANGRY BLACK WOMANThere are some circles of the business community and of the population in general that easily leaps into irrational and malicious behavior when you may least expect it.  The vital question is:  Who has time to sit around wondering about their motives?  So many have worthy ideals, goals and aspirations and yet after one negative experience or one voice of non-support from someone battling their own insecurities you decide to give up.  How can giving up or quitting even be an option when the larger goal was worth your pursuit in the first place?

In the presence of discouragement we have to stop, sit and examine the larger picture.  If its business is it likely that within within a year or two we have our investment back?  If its a wayward child is it likely that with love, spiritual counseling, professional intervention and prayer we can help this person return to or develop a more rational and responsible approach to life?  If we have seriously offended someone is it likely that with a sincere expression of apology, writing any wrongs and making any required restitution we can repair the relationship and more importantly show our Creator that we want the matter to be righted?

PIC - BRANSON IN PLANEThe recent space collision involving the company of mega-entrepreneur Richard Branson and his subsequent remarks provide a wonderful example that should impact all of our attitudes.  He said:  “We mourn our loss, will learn from any mistakes but will press on with our mission.”  Surely some aspects of his space exploration program may be in jeopardy and will have to be re-tooled if the pursuit continues in identical fashion.  However, he does not see any of this as a basis to just quit.  Neither should you.

A part of the growth and healing process is accepting reality.  First of all there is no shortage of people who need competent, responsibly managed community based care.  This applies to residential and day-time programs.  If you failed or if right now you are not thriving ask those who are what helps them succeed.  Now its no secret that some in care refuse to share but many are the opposite and will offer valuable guidance.  Likely you just have to figure out how to be better than your competitors and successfully get that message out.

Examine past techniques, marketing practices, program management and more.  See what you can do to make things better but when the mind points toward running away know that you have mentally taken an unhealthy turn that can impact every aspect of your existence.  So minimize the influence of negative people who wish they had your drive and remember that “Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win“.

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