We’re Taking Education for Nursing Home Administrators to New Level

Nursing home administrators have that special challenge of balancing the business and clinical ends of their operations.  Coming form various diverse educational and work backgrounds, these hard-working professionals might be the only one in the building whose mind bounces from the cost of laundry to the quality of attention staff are rendering to patients.

PIC - NHA 2015 CEU IMAGEAll have annual continuing education requirements to fulfill.  These events and products strengthen that creative and professional edge, allow for delving into other points of view and approaches to daily tasks and provide opportunities for profitable networking.

During the summer of 2015 I will be launching a 20-hour continuing education and professional development series, already submitted for national approval to the National Association of Long-Term Administrator Boards (www.nabweb.org) entitled:

Refining Every Aspect of the Nursing Home Operation


Subtopics in the series include:

  • Section I – Process Management
  • Section II: Survey Management
  • Section III: Health & Safety
  • Section IV: Marketing & Business Development
  • Section V: Financial Management

There are key discussions about how to:

  • Manage costs without angering everyone on the payroll
  • How to make effective use of independent case managers in handling the most difficult discharges
  • How to do a better job making your facility an important part of the neighborhood
  • How to better know your costs so you can really manage them effectively
  • How to have more fun in the business

nursing home administration room pictureIn addition to the course being available for the more than 50,000 licensed nursing home administrators in America for $199.95 to make usage of at your own pace, nursing home administrators can interact in the LinkedIn Group, Nursing Home Administrator Innovations.  Announcements of new continuing education and training products are also made in this group’s location.

Champions of care deserve development tools that are practical, everyday situation focused and exciting to make usage of.  Count on this team for just that.

So join our family today and sign-in to share your thoughts.


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Health & Safety Blogger, Bruce W. McCollum also trains care delivery personnel, manages projects in long-term care and writes continuing education products for worldwide usage

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