We All Must Learn How to Be Misunderstood and Attacked

Recently a long-time user of our continuing education products called our office. I rarely take these calls personally, but I love speaking to her. We reminisce about when we first met in 2005 and how she was impressed with our products. She also critiqued a few classes, but all these years later we still work together.

One of the instances that created this bond is her support when

 I first started publishing continuing education for care providers. Before long, some retired and soon to be retired personnel from a state licensing division went after my company. They falsely accused us of not charging sales tax, lied that we were peddling subjects that were not approved and more. You guessed it, they had a kitchen table operation, and I was a competitive threat.

As I do with any negative behavior, I studied it. I did so intently in these instances that I contemplated what might be their next tactic. My response was to create products and a marketing machine that would overwhelm them so much that fighting me would become a very tiring experience. It is 2022 and I am here, they are not, close to 1,000 subjects later, published in seven, (7) languages and distributed to eleven, (11) countries.

What I did not do was blow up, look for them to shame them in public or allow their false grievances to shake my commitment to worthy goals. I silently invited them into the forefront of the marketplace and stomped them to their figurative deaths.

It is so easy to allow the pettiness of others – including those who cannot or will not compete legitimately – to destroy our personal confidence. This can only occur when we invest the emotional energy we have in the wrong direction.

Anger sends us down that path. So, when things tighten up turn the mind to strategy with it focused on specific goals. This is how you manage being attacked, marginalized and/or misunderstood.

Step out, but only after thoughtful reflection and in total control.


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