The Value of Knowing Your Audience

Dart on Target and People

Everyone in business has a target audience, If you operate an assisted living program perhaps your target is the frail elderly or those recovering from serious injury.  If you operate an independent case management practice perhaps your target includes persons seeking addiction recovery programs or older adults with ongoing, critical care needs.

If you operate a child day care with a specialization, perhaps you focus on medically fragile children including those with juvenile diabetes and cystic fibrosis.  Regardless of the service or product everyone has an audience.

My audience has long been providers of care and those who support these providers.  This is important in the role of finance agent.


It may be an existing provider of assisted living or child care wants to acquire a competitor’s interest or expand your own operation and you need a small loan of maybe $150,000.00 or less.  The beauty of having that discussion with me involves more than the fact that I will make a concerted effort to obtain the cash you need.  I am from the arena of care.

So when I write that Business Plan it is seasoned with the legitimacy of my experience and clinical education and training.  It is further complemented by my past ownership in adult day care, home care, assisted living and more.  Some have experienced trying to make a lender understand your business model, i.e. what are your income sources, what are your down times, how are you affected by the economy etc?  There is never a need to explain those things to me.


This includes nursing homes in pursuit of financing against Medicaid pending patients.  No matter what we are doing we need tailored messages and we need to know our audience.  When we do we minimize creating clutter for the ears of those who do not need us and we add value by ensuring those who do need us know what we are all about.

Are you really focused on your core audience?  Feel free to ask how to do it.  Penny for your thoughts….



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