The Right Formula When You Feel at the End of Your Rope…

Everyone has times of deep reflection and even worry

Oh the pressures of everyday life.  Entrepreneurs, with all of our innovation, aspirations and goal setting still face the challenges associated with frustration borne from a variety of circles.  When running a business maybe you gambled on something that just did not work out.  As a result cash flow is strained and obligations are being postponed.

I can remember when this affected tons of adult foster care providers in Michigan several years ago when mental health budgets were cut, needs assessments resulted in cuts in daily per diems and providers went through their cash reserves, often in a matter of a month of two.  Many left the business altogether.

The closing of a business on which we have relied for family income can be a devastating blow to our pride and pocketbook.

Of course challenges have impacted others and surely not just in Michigan.  Many face different kinds of dilemmas that may be tied to our own mismanagement but even these can create disappointment even though we know we are personally responsible.

Let’s not forget the real challenges of the breadwinner who may have lost a business due to circumstances over which you had no control.  Bills mount, vacations get postponed and before long things appear as though they are not going to be repaired.

All of us face these challenges and we have to then grab onto our spirituality and wrestle with moving forward.  That does not always make it easy but maybe, just maybe these suggestions will help:

    1.  Don’t Isolate

When down some tend to run from the company of others.  It could be the very person you are avoiding could be your greatest source of strength.  Pull them closer and benefit from their smile, encouragement and often strategy that can help you manage challenging circumstances.

    2.  Amend the Focus

Now there is an even greater need to focus less on the troubling situation and more on the hope associated with resolving it.  Its time to strategize, rebuild and that takes a formula built on a commitment to accomplishment and PIC - BABY STEPSbelief in self.  Get that notepad out, write down what must be handled and leave spaces for babysteps.  Each time you do something aimed at resolution, make a note of it and pat yourself on the back.  Each step upward is a step toward improvement.

Not only will each step – aimed correctly – help prompt problem solving but will give you added reassurance that better times lie ahead.

Now for the entrepreneurs, even in down times do not abandon what works.  These include the principles of outstanding customer service, customer responsiveness and consistent marketing.  If we drop the ball everyone loses, but most of all you.

With strategy and commitment along with the right amount of teamwork hard times will pass.  Let’s be sure we make that happen by not considering the thought of giving up.

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Bruce W. McCollum – Health & Safety Blogger

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