The Reasons My Online Stores are Different

PIC - ME AT DESK 09-2010 2E-Learning on some levels rules the world, as  more and more up and coming professionals from social workers to physicians accomplish their required continuing education on-line.  They look for convenience, quality and cost effectiveness in the process.

My stores are spread across the web at, and From handling pre-licensing requirements for those entering into various community based care business models to powerful continuing education subjects we literally cover it all.  But we are different for other reasons too…

I have lived much of what is incorporated in our training products.  I have owned and operated an adult day care center and I spent 17 years managing the care of tons of people in their own homes.  I joined them at medical appointments, I watched and monitored their deterioration, I reported both verbally and in writing to caring families, I arranged the next level of care for those who needed more.  This provides a powerful edge.

PIC - NHA DECEMBER 2015 IMAGE.jpgI have also written numerous self-study products and conducted live events for licensed nursing home administrators, those professionals who ensure safety, efficiency and a home like environment in the nation’s nursing homes.  What do I bring?  I spent lots of time helping nursing homes manage the most complex discharges as a long-term care case manager and service coordinator.  In the process I helped them reduce uncompensated care and through a special arrangement called “External Discharge Coordination” I helped transition many from an institutional environment to a more relaxed, community based care environment where many functioned much better.

Annually I speak to hundreds of these professionals so I stay abreast of their current challenges and triumphs. This adds value to what is produced.

I bring the same to what we do outside of the care arena for drivers (now under development at and for realtors at

I have taken the same approach to child care, not just because I have helped to develop over 150 of these programs in 7 states, but I have taken my experience in care management, care administration and staff development to help arrange special programs for children with medical challenges.

PIC - CCTC COURSE COVER 1202I approach more than the clinical.  I have sat in police departments and read case files after a child’s death, sat through court proceedings and spoken to both offenders and victim families.  When it comes to preparing a child care provider – especially with annually required continuing education – I cover every base.

Yes the key ingredient dominating the content in my store:  Experience Based Materials.  So when you visit us do so knowing that the value is not in what we sell, but in what we have done!

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