Home Care Chronicles: “So When are We Going?”

Her name was Helen Newhouse, a client my former home care company served on a 24/7 basis until her June 2003 death.  She did not live very far from my family so I visited her home often.  Plus she loved a gentlemanly ride to her favorite restaurant to kind of show off to her friends.  […]

Be Innovative in Private Duty Home Care

If you were to look at Howard’s storeroom in his office (we used a different name at his request) you might be surprised at what you will find.  Yes there are plenty of forms and a few computers no longer in use but there is more.  You will find boxes of cameras.  That’s right his […]

Two Major Ingredients Needed for Private Duty Home Care Success

Private duty home care is definitely here to stay.  Many people need care, often around-the-clock, and they prefer to stay in their homes.  Some can afford it while others have invested into or qualified for other resources that make such care affordable.  Providers need to be on top of their games in multiple categories in order […]