The Imperative of Respect: Regulatory Personnel and the Value of New Businesses in the Nation’s Economy

The bureaucratic machinery, with its intricate processes and regulations, can sometimes appear cold and impersonal. However, at its core, every regulatory system is built on a foundation of human interaction. In sectors as sensitive as adult foster care, where personal investment is profound, the attitude of regulatory personnel, especially licensing representatives, towards applicants, can make […]

Rumors, Reasoning and Junk Impacting Group Homes…

The latest floating around from more than one state – Michigan being the latest – is that the licensure for group homes, which currently allows for up to six, (6) residents without special zoning or other circumstances may be reduced to four, (4).  We suppose those already licensed for six, (6) will be grandfathered in, […]

Unlicensed Works Only with Certain Priorities

Group homes continue to serve the community well.  They house and provide rather specialized care for adults and children with very serious vulnerabilities.  This includes the medically fragile elderly and those recovering from or managing the aftermath of serious auto accidents. In many states a license is required, including the state of my birth, Michigan.  […]