Care Oriented Trade Manual Updates To Keep With the Times…

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. and our group of researchers have long enjoyed producing manuals that speak to the operational details and triumphs of various care business models.  These are typically experienced based.  All are available in our online stores at and Here are some highlights of recent updates to the […]

Here is What Will Make or Break the Small Group Home….

The small group home is here to stay, although they are not what we once accepted them to be. 30 years ago we relegated them to the backs of neighborhoods, prejudged many to be substandard and gazed at their populations of often only the developmentally disabled and the mentally ill. Today they are among the […]

Some Tips on Making Residential Adult Day Care Meaningful…

Group homes are all over the place and a significant percentage of them are doing a wonderful job caring for the most vulnerable among us.  A trend today includes many of these homes adding a day time component that does not impact their resident census and that new component is known as Residential Adult Day […]

In Residential Care, the Sanitation Program Can Make or Break You

There is never a crime in focusing first and foremost on person-centered resident care when developing group living programs.  It would be a mistake, however, not to tie the home’s sanitation program to the success of person-centered care. Such a program or plan must take everyday and divide it into four, (4) or six, (6) […]