I’ve Learned to “Conquer the Evil With the Good”

Business relationships are just like all others.  They require purpose, trust, defined function, responsibility and commitment.  I have never ignored that, even amidst serious challenges and they will come for every entrepreneur. Most in business understand the need not to get too excited about everyday challenges.  After all, no matter what we face someone else […]

Some Tips on Making Residential Adult Day Care Meaningful…

Group homes are all over the place and a significant percentage of them are doing a wonderful job caring for the most vulnerable among us.  A trend today includes many of these homes adding a day time component that does not impact their resident census and that new component is known as Residential Adult Day […]

Its So Crowded….

I recently attended a meeting of new Medicaid providers in a southern part of the United States.  I listened to representatives of the Department of Health remind providers – primarily in home care – who were looking to operate in a heavily saturated metropolitan market that their marketing needed to be aggressive and consistent.  The […]