Respect and Humility can Combine into Real Business Assets

PIC - ARROGANT BUSINESSMANThe assisted living residence is informed that Ms. Jones will be moving to a new facility. Attorney John Doe is informed his client will be taking their case to a different firm. In both cases the previous provider of services will suffer a financial loss, even if minor. Both take the same approach and either think or say, “no one will provide the services with the same quality that we did and for the same cost.”

Well just maybe someone will take the case or resident and do an even better job. Maybe for the same money or less. Where would respect come in? First with an understanding and acknowledgement that the customer has the right to obtain services from wherever they so choose. To indicate otherwise would border on disrespectful.

How about humility? Humility is by no means weakness but characterizes that balanced view of self that might provide the self-reflection that allows us to admit we screwed up. The lasting benefit of that would be preparing to do a better job next time – even if it means being more personal – and rendering service of a higher quality and perhaps more energetically, more committed and more client focused.

PIC - GROWTH SIGN AHEADIf we learn from these shortcomings and use that education in a campaign of self-improvement or service improvement the future suddenly brightens up.

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