Product Enhancement for Florida Adult Family Care Homes

PIC - FLORIDA ADULT FAMILY CARE HOMEThe continuing education and staff development kit designed to assist Florida operators of Adult Family Care Homes has been updated with new subject materials.  The combined course, available in print, recorded or as an on-line completed item now has three, (3) combined subjects:

  1. Maintaining and Restoring Your Resident’s Dignity
  2. Foreseeing and Managing Potentially Violent Situations
  3. Conducting More Effective Staff Meetings and In-Service Sessions

Review questions are completed at the end in order for the user to receive validation of completion.  For new and seasoned providers these courses will add to both the professionalism and quality of the environment in the small assisted living setting.

Disaster Preparedness and EvacuationAs a bonus through December 2015 the printed course:  Preparing for and Managing Disasters is included for all continuing education course purchasers. This represents a $169.95 value.

Key elements associated with the development of the course include:

Relevance to Assisted Living and Nursing Home Personnel: Administrative and direct care delivery personnel, especially in small-scale assisted living have a need to identify with diagnostic criteria affecting a resident’s behavior. Such knowledge creates a special awareness which allows direct care and administrative staff to be more effective in managing resident behavior through appropriate observation and intervention.

Rationale for Assigned Hours: The number of assigned hours considers the estimated time involved in reading the material 1 to 3 times and grasping a correct understanding of it. Then time for a review period aimed at accurately answering the review questions and a subsequent review in order to best approach how to use the material in instructing direct care staff on the subject.   (Click Here to obtain)

This represents the continued commitment of Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. to the ongoing development of the small-scale assisted living provider.  Further details at

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