Procedural Management a Necessity in Private Duty Care

Unfortunately the way private duty home care is defined from place to place varies widely.  Some states require licensure while others do not.  Some require the daily involvement of a nurse if only for care planning while others do not.


Some standards are pretty much universal.  For example handling a client’s medications is often tied to specific standards and may require the intervention of a nurse.  Where this gets tricky is when the client being served becomes so attached to the aide or aides assigned, that they ask them to perform tasks not in the plan of care or that are not allowed by the aide without certain credentials.  This includes identifying and administering medications.

Owners and field supervision must take the time to carefully ensure that clients know the policies affecting your delivery of care early in the relationship.  This is part of the new client orientation as well as the major topic in the new client intro letter that must not be ignored.


When the quality of services being delivered rests on the backs of the credentialed professional who owns or manages the company, its easy for these credentials to be destroyed when policies are ignored.  The resulting liability can be immense.

This is also why it is a good idea to ensure that when field supervisory visits are made, a few moments are always devoted to the review of certain policies that govern services in the home and applicable procedures.  If this is not the case, if procedural management is ignored, the resulting grief can be tremendous.

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