Preparing for that Care Conference – A Communication Strategy….

PIC - THOMAS BEAN AND BWMRegular care conferences are a must. Case managers conduct them with responsible parties associated with their caseload as a matter of update and professional business protocol. Directors of assisted living and adult day care programs must also conduct them with families of participants and residents as well as with guardians.

I think I may have sat through at least 300. One thing I learned to do rather early on was to submit the actual Care Conference Form, which also doubles as the conversation agenda with my sections somewhat pre-completed. I often included results of conversations already held with the designated representative and more often than you think you end up with a shorter, more pointed and productive conversation.

Once its over, add your notes or complete the documentation in your automated communication system with appropriate signatures and its done.

Using these items promotes effective communication between all parties, minimizes liability and adds a special level of professionalism.

Let’s face it, we could all benefit from more of all of these ingredients. Here is a link to a sample I have used in the past: Care Conference Sample Form

I am hopeful it will complement what you do.