Preparation is Half the Fun…Tips for Collaborative Planning

Preparing to start a new business can wake you up in the middle of the night with thoughts of joy and expectation.  There is so much to do, but the end result will change your life in profound ways.  How exciting!


To ensure you reach your goals, there is a number one item you cannot ignore.  What is that?  You must sit down with everyone involved and let this session end with a wonderful diagram of everything that needs to be done.  Have it professionally designed, assign a goal to each task and a date and mechanism for completion.

In the business of care this might include and/or involve:

  1. Properly timed regulatory communications
  2. Properly timed licensing document submission
  3. Properly timed strategic relationship management, perhaps with those whom you plan to serve and those upon whom you plan to rely for referrals
  4. Properly timed opportunities for free publicity
  5. Staff recruitment, processing and training

PIC - VIDEO CHAT GENERAL SHOTAt a minimum every two, (2) weeks all parties must collaborate, if not in person then using the latest video chat or related technology.  That red marker must be taken to each item that is handled.  Notes should include who may need assistance from others.  This is how teamwork is managed!

Believe it or not, everyone getting into a car to drive to a meeting is not as productive as you might think.  This is the technology era!  And each session must have an agenda, preferably circulated at least two, (2) days in advance to allow for ample forethought and advance preparation by all.

PIC - PROFESSIONAL MEETING AGENDASuch a process keeps a meeting orderly and ends with defined results.  Collaboration must always include how each can be assisted by another.  No one can be an island onto themselves.

Avoid conversation for the sake of conversation.  When you are developing a new business you need focus and results.  Talk for the sake of talk will not accomplish that.

Thanks for allowing us to share.  Share your thoughts.






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