Minimize Grief with Good Relationship Management…


All sane humans crave and appreciate fairness.  It drives who we are and what we do to promote happiness and success in multiple categories of life.  In business we must deal with tons of other people from those we serve to those who regulate our operations.

Sometimes a regulator will ask for certain modifications in how we operate, and we may or may not agree.  For example, in your group living program a resident suffers a stroke and is using a wheelchair, albeit temporarily.   Your licensing representative tells you to submit the required documents to have your program qualified to serve wheelchair users and you prepare to throw a fit, knowing what you are dealing with is temporary.


Does it matter how you approach this?  Yes it does.  You must not lose your cool.

Knowing the value of a positive and progressive relationships with those who regulate your business will remind you of the need to take a deep breath, reason proactively and complete the paperwork to add wheelchair users to your program certification.  This attitude of compliance should apply regardless of how long we have been in business, perhaps more years than your new regulator has been alive.  These factors do not matter.

Relationship management is a long-range view of what works best and what does not.  Yes sometimes it does involve the less than pleasant ending of certain relationships, but most bridges are worth keeping intact and not submitting to the dynamite of giving up on them.

Every instance has to be evaluated for what it is, however, relationship management with a long-term view best serves us all.

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