Lessons from Home Care Work

PIC - NEWHOUSE IN MYRTLE BEACH BWMI recall serving the late Ms. Helen Newhouse as though it was yesterday. At first the adjustment was tough for her – staff in her home 24/7 – but once she suffered a stroke which robbed her of the ability to walk she quickly developed a new appreciation for the help. But over the 3 years I managed her care and supervised her staff she and I became family. How and why? Because I never lost interest in what was important to her. From her dietary preferences to her definition of recreation I made her interests my priority. A year before she died I took her to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a beach style vacation like she had never experienced before. She went to her grave talking about it. (I tell the story in the Home Care Manual)

My Lesson: Be a good listener, you never know what will come from that.