Key Success Ingredient in Email Marketing

PIC - EMAIL MARKETINGIts 2014 and we all communicate via email.  I have also purchased things I learned about after receiving an email.  I have purchased goods and services that were introduced to me via Facebook ads also.  Generally the seller is going to insist upon your email address for ongoing contact with the hopes you will buy more.  Often products have versions or differing levels and somehow connect one to another.

The many drugstore cards are no different.  While there might be an occasional discount buried somewhere the real goal is to keep in touch with you and target their marketing to your purchase habits.  But there is one success ingredient I believe in that some email marketers ignore?  What is that????

Too many marketers email us too frequently.  They refuse to settle on the thought of building a long-term customer base with scheduled, properly spaced apart communications.  Instead they pursue approaches that bombard an audience with the hope of constantly gathering new customers for old products without regard for how much they may piss off the original crowd of us who actually like their products.

PIC - EMAIL MARKETING UNSUBSCRIBEWhat ends up happening is more people than expected click “unsubscribe” because the seller has been labeled a nuisance, especially those who target their email lists daily or multiple times per week.  Considering the number of scam emails most of us receive daily, the traffic can get to be too much.

Some marketers add one-liners of urgency such as “hurry we’re starting soon” or “you need to act today” to their messages and in a world where we are all bombarded with so much daily, we find it comforting to just ignore them and move on.

I am a major fan of dignified, soft-sell email marketing.  I am not a fan of daily “big-mouth” campaigns that drive me nuts and make me want to kick you out of my life.  And yes, I doubt if any of these marketers will change their approach and why should they I guess, if enough money is rolling in.

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