Key Elements of Corrective Action Plans


Corrective Action Plans are not unusual, especially in the business of care.  Child care providers, those working with maternal infant health programs, nursing homes, adult foster care and similar assisted living venues all have to provide them when a documented breach of administrative rule is established by a regulatory authority.  This normally occurs after licensing authorities receive a complaint and the resulting investigation determines that the complaint or at least some elements of it are valid.

It is important for a provider to understand that a Corrective Action Plan must be more than a summary of intentions.  It must paint a blueprint of your intended actions, policy and procedural changes or the adoption of best practices designed to eliminate a re-occurrence.  At the same time you have to be sure that the revised operational approach matches with the regulatory standards by which your business is governed.  Perhaps these key points will help in your development of such a plan:

  1. Summarize the reason for it. Use the introduction to touch on why the plan is needed.
  2. Establish the potential harm associated with previous actions while not amplifying the matter which could be a liability creator.
  3. Itemize specific steps that are being put into place immediately for the purpose of creating a different behavior.  Use expressions such as:  We have implemented/Our new approach is/Our focus is now/We will enforce this policy by….
  4. We will monitor compliance by….

Then work what you have developed into an easy-to-follow plan to ensure you do not encounter this again.  Ideally we would like to never have to write one, but in an imperfect world it does happen.  Request technical assistance developing them by sending an email to:

and share your thoughts.


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