Is this “A Place for Mom” Practice Ethical?


A provider of care – absolutely frustrated – recently told us she had closed a group living home she previously operated in Oakland County, Michigan.  She has since obtained three, (3) new properties and is serving multiple populations and busy marketing and managing her small assisted living empire.  What bothers her is not the normal hustle and bustle of a community based care operation.

She indicates she has been fighting A Place for Mom, the national senior referral service, for more than a year.  According to her, the previous home was once listed and the listing terminated.  However, A Place for Mom at their site refused to remove the listing.  She indicates she was even told that this company places all licensed facilities on their site, using their toll-free phone number for interested parties to call.  When a call comes in, and the home being inquired about is not under agreement with them, they tell the inquiring party: “The home has no vacancies” or “the home is out of your price range” or whatever it takes to dissuade the caller, which then allows A Place for Mom to recommended a facility they can earn from.

Based upon our research A Place for Mom is paid 60% of the first two, (2) months a new assisted living resident pays the facility.  Click Here to see the a home that is not under contract with A Place for Mom and not even operating anymore.  It has been closed for three, (3) years but is still on their site with A Place for Mom’s phone number.


The question is:  If A Place for Mom s uploading all licensed facilities to their site, could this be giving a false impression to the shopping public that all of these facilities are under contract with them?  Further, could such a predatory practice pose a financial hindrance or impediment for providers if in fact corporate representatives of A Place for Mom or its locally placed care advisors are blatantly lying to callers and email inquirers about the status of the home, its vacancies, reputation, price range etc?

While we refuse to make any definitive judgments, if these practices are occurring providers have a basis to be alarmed if business is being routed away from them with dishonest claims.  It will take providers banning together to put a stop to it.

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