If You Want to Thrive; You Have to Learn to Manage the Haters


Who among us is qualified to judge the motives behind everything people do?  It is simply not within us.  We may be on the verge of something phenomenal and all of a sudden we feel like the air was let out of us thanks to the unkind or discouraging words of just one person.

This is especially true with entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are the job creators, idea developers, manufacturers, etc. but most will tell you they have learned to keep things close to the vest thanks to the often hateful speech of others.

I have seen it deeply entrenched in the care business and sometimes it is simply not pretty.  I have watched providers of care start rumors about others just to damage them and keep them from out growing them in the marketplace.  Sad, but true!  Yes these things are pretty common and expected in political campaigns but when they negatively impact small business its much tougher to watch.

How do you and I get past it or avoid the damaging affects?  Here are three, (3) strategies:


Be careful surrounding yourself with or intermingling with those who have a negative focus.  These tend to be those providers who refuse to offer even a suggestion of help to others, manifest an attitude of superiority, greed and selfishness.  What healthy item can come from this?  A reasonable distance can help protect your state of mind.

Be busy with good works.  How much damage can you suffer when you are filling the universe with your good works?  You drown out the haters with a special busy-ness that their negative hate speech cannot compare to.  I have become numb to the foolish speech of others, to such an extent that now instead of being bothered by it I immediately begin to feel sorry for those who speak it.  Something has to be wrong with them, perhaps lying in self-hatred or deep-seated personal insecurities.

I look back and I may have written 200 pages of quality material the past thirty, (30) days of benefit to the care delivery community.  Have the haters done that?  Unlikely.  So be busy with good works and you can drown out the idiots!


Believe in What You Do.  Regardless of the rants of others, how tilted can you be from your goals and objectives if you truly believe in them?  If you are adhering to best practices, being patient in pursuit of growth, keeping your brain filled with positive, spirituality filled thinking, why be negatively impacted by the whinings of a hater?

In many instances, you and I cannot change what others think or feel.  What we can do is maintain a laser beam like focus  on our own priorities and not take the time to stop and examine every dog that barks along the way.

Acceptance is a real necessity:  Haters are gonna hate!

Penny for your thoughts.


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