I am a Different Kind of Blogger


Writing blog posts for my own interests and those of my companies is rewarding.  When the focus is on customized training which helps polish care providers and reduce liability the benefits are really wide-ranging.    I bring the same to those other companies and individuals for whom I write.  Whether the subject is the importance of strategic business planning for community based organizations, how educators can build better relationships with parents or chronicling the special elements of a marriage engagement, I jump in mentally to become the reader.

I figure its my responsibility to think like those the blog is designed to reach.  This is what sets me apart; the time I devote to understanding the reader.


Of course my writing work is complemented by more than 20 years of experience in care.  Think of the thousands of families I have met with on care related issues and during those conversations I listened to their experiences, anxieties and concerns over marriage, finances, crime, social program benefits, entertainment, family dysfunction and more.  No I am not a priest and cannot bring the experience that listening to a million confessions might, but my experience is a very close second.

From businesses to non-profit organizations to magazines to individuals to family bloggers, the best value and highest quality starts and stops right here.  Averaging .50 per word or $125.00 per blog, the affordability is also a major bonus.

Blogs add credibility, express professional opinions and add legitimacy and expert designations to professionals and businesses including care deliverers, attorneys, court stenographers, medical personnel and sales engineers.  So when its time to add life through the color of powerful language and the best of storytelling, make this home on the web your number one destination.  Click Here for Contact Info.

Looking forward to getting to know you.




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