How to Handle Criticism in Business


Everyone gets criticized.  It happens in our personal life.  It happens in our business and professional life.  Sometimes – and let’s face it we are all imperfect – the criticism is legitimate.  We likely made an actual mistake, took some misstep that did not reflect our best judgment.

In many cases we can repair the matter with an apology but long-term often more is needed.  Mental health professionals and business successes alike remind us that the best way to handle that criticism is to put in place a plan that prevents a repeat of this scenario.  It might mean the mistake was made multiple times but we still need to be committed to improvement in this area.

Who knows why some of them occur.  Do you have Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder or some other issue that interferes with your ability to make the best decisions and handle obligations in a responsible way?  If so, are you using strategies that help keep you organized, focused, committed?  Have you tapped into your spiritual need to ensure your approach is one of integrity and promise keeping?  Together, these can work to make us better people.


Getting past criticism may be more painful for some than others.  However, when we commit to be busy doing good work and making lots of noise that reflects the goodness we are carrying out, those busy taking the time to criticize will find themselves in a room alone.  You will be too busy charting new courses of productivity to pay attention to every barking dog.

Of course, in the presence of envy or unwarranted drama some criticism simply comes from the haters.  I have dealt with them too and in those cases self examination is not the priority.  It is maintaining your focus.

Get past it all; just be sure a plan is in place for long-term success so legitimate issues are addressed in a productive way.

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