Home Care is Really About Customization

PIC - HODGE PIC 05-04-07It was a pleasure to provide care and supervise care for the late Mrs. Anne Hodge for 8 1/2 years. Her lack of independent ambulation brought many challenges but it was my job to get us past those.

I remember quirks many people have or had but one that made me smile recently was how Mrs. Hodge insisted that you not only butter the face of the toast but also the sides. You might laugh but this was a big thing with her. I remember her exclaiming: “Why don’t people butter the sides.”

One could easily explain to her that many skip that part but that is not what customized home care is all about especially when you are in someone’s home 24 hours per day for an extended period of time. Both day-to-day personnel and supervision must be constantly learning about what makes this person happy, fulfilled and dignified.

This observation should result in regular adjustments to keep this person feeling like they are a part of a larger family.

Let’s be careful being so clinical we forget to be human at the same time.

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