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Growth, real prosperity and fulfillment in business is tied to proper organization.  Tons of people run, run, and run and even lose sleep as they ponder ideas and new methods.  Without organization and the kind of execution that organization provides, all they are accomplishing is maintaining what they might have and ruining their health.  Most do not even maintain but fall into financial shortfalls and more anxiety just keeping up an appearance.

You cannot duplicate what you have or triplicate what you have without being truly organized.  These items will help you:


Use a System to Organize Contacts and Activity.  Some of the wonderful Client Relationship Tools are:

  1. Batchbook and
  2. Cloze

Both can give you daily reminders of things to do, tag your referral sources and current residents/clients and all documentation.  They can also help you move toward being paperless.


Organize your Accounting:  Subscribe to Freshbooks, QuickBooks or something else online that can handle all financial transactions from billing, to check writing to invoicing to collecting payments electronically.  Let’s say you agree to a rather last minute respite case.  Send an electronic invoice to the family and let them pay it securely online using a credit card.  2 days later the money is in your account.  You can give your accountant access that keeps them out front of your financial activity.


Right People:  Have that right hand person unless your new approach to organization can handle it all.  This cannot be an overpaid message taker.  This person needs to be literate in MS Office applications especially Excel, have some salesmanship about them, have communication skills and be trustworthy enough to have access to your accounting.  This person, while respectful should have enough experience to challenge you.  My associates Brandon and John do that for me.


A good idea of the ideal relationship is the one between the Chief of Police on the CBS television show Blue Bloods and his chief deputy Garrett.  Watch an episode and see that while Garrett knows his place he speaks up to help and protect his boss.  It’s a great dynamic!

Schedule:        Try and start your day before typical business hours.  My friend Ken Hale is 76 years old and works from 4 a. to 4 p.  He is a multi-millionaire and masterfully organized.  I tend to start at 5:45 a.m. before my children are up and before its time to get them off to school.  We do not have to leave home to take them to school until 8:00 a.m. so I can get tons of things done early.


Manage Your Day:     For most of us there is no prosperity from spending hours daily on Facebook.  My company makes good usage of social media including Facebook and yes it is a decent part of our marketing.  Even I have to go on sometimes and post videos, etc.  However, my personal engagement on their is minimal.  It is nice to see teachers in there from my middle school and high school days and they will send me a message here and there.  That is where I end it.  How can I attend to those I serve, keep my creativity high, etc. wandering around in social media all day?  Plus, when I am in there I tend to be looking for business ads from entities that might benefit me.

I have 4 websites to write for clients today; I cannot be stuck in Facebook!  You will want to maintain the same priorities.  I have fired three, (3) people over the years who spent their days in social media.  Pathetic.  If you are being pulled to it fight to break the cycle!

Quality Control:  Carry your binder (maybe keep it in the car) and spend one, (1) day every ten, (10) days pretending you are from licensing.  Conduct your own inspection, check every system from personnel documentation to medication logs and make sure your home is regulatory compliant.  Why is that a part of organization?  You must avoid being thrown off your game from a surprise accusation.  If you are not keeping a powerfully meaningful eye on daily operations, you will be blindsided and the damage might be severe.


Choose Your Associates Wisely:        I speak to no shortage of adult foster care current and prospective providers who have conversations with others who skirt the rules.  “Why are you doing this, why are you doing that?” they ask because they spend their time taking shortcuts.  Too much of this kind of conversation can erode your own value system or at least the staunch priorities you may have established for yourself.  They are busy thinking of how to explain this, how to defend that, etc. – if it comes up – and that mindset will destroy your personal creativity and ability to stay as organized as you should be.  Mental organization is first.  If you spend your days looking over your shoulder, your mental organization will be devoured.


Avoid Clutter:    Including in the group home.  A friend and client of mine in Northern, Michigan has a 12-bed home and 8 people are there daily who do not live there but use the home for adult day services.  Two, (2) of the elderly ladies who come for day care have decided to keep the bookshelves organized.  And even in the presence of dementia they do a great job.  We want to have the same attitude, keep our physical property organized, as it impacts the quality of our positive thinking.

I hope these things help and contribute to a more organized and profitable summer for you.  Your stress level will surely decrease!


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