Fix Your Past; But Do Not Let it Create a Hostage!


Every human has made mistakes, whether it be in relationship management, financial management, career choice, abandonment of what we were taught is true worship in our adulthood and much more.  Much of my work is with felons who I help rehabilitate and then thrive in the business of care.  None of us are without flaws and many refuse to even sit down with them.  I would never take such a self-righteous approach!

It is easy to point out flaws in political, financial and educational systems that may work against felons.  However, the greatest enemy may be ourselves.  Our own thinking or as the late Zig Ziglar would say “stinkin thinkin” could be the very barrier that clouds the view  of the word in which we live.

While it is true that many I deal with have walked away from previous behavior that was damaging to them and their families, some still struggle with feelings of inadequacy and failure.

To get past this we have to make sure we accomplish a few things:

  1. Avoid those who use your past against you.  You do not need daily reminders of past errors.
  2. Seek employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that allow this blemish to be overlooked.  Do not pursue that which you know will hinge upon someone finding the conviction.
  3. Be careful not to sink into that pit of self-pity.  This could result, seemingly unknowingly, in your using conversation and behavior to drag others down.  This is self-defeating and will result in a lonely existence.
  4. Avoid those who minimize the past behavior as though it was appropriate when you know it was not, as you also do not need encouragement to return to it.
  5. Seek entertainment that focuses on positive endeavors whether its buying and flipping real estate programs or comedy but constant reminders about previous behavior in the entertainment you choose is not a positive way to feed the mind.
  6. Embrace the past as hard lessons, not a death sentence.
  7. Be forgiving of others, many of us have screwed up in one way or another and its ancient history.  In no way can we expect a second chance in our lives if we do not at least consider giving one to others.


This week I visited with a number of residential care providers in Michigan.  For some I dropped off educational products.  Some feel as though they are outcasts, having lost placement contracts with mental health agencies, while others have battled licensing in what they feel have been unjust attacks.  I serve them all, regardless of my own errors and they all support me and purchase my company’s products on a regular basis.  What makes the difference?


I make sure my training and people development products are the very best in the marketplace.  I update items in my school daily.  I review and edit/update my self-study products on a biweekly basis, I edit/update live instruction outlines handled by me and my colleagues on a regular basis.  I make sure we are the best and no one can question that commitment.

As a matter of fact if someone were to call one of them right now with a negative comment about me or my companies, they would get an ear full like no other.  Wanting to step up their game, they asked us to come into a meeting recently and requested we enhance their web presences and write weekly blog posts for them.  My team and I agreed to do so.  These are mature people who believe in uplifting the human spirit and who live in a positive reality.  They also give credit where credit is due.

They are not the Barbara Roseberrys of the world who waste time on a call with a Mike Latham and create judgments and rumor mills that cause others to question your own judgment while ruining good relationships with tremendous potential.    But there is a catch….


I have to do my part.  It would be wrong of me to expect someone’s support and patronage if I were not making the daily commitment to being my best in every way for them.  When you visit my on-line homes this is obvious.  This includes:,,,  Those struggling with reminders of your past serious mistakes must do the same.  You are still required to be your very best, each and every day, in every category of life.  Make it a meaningful routine, without excessive focus on previous criminal behavior you have long left behind.

Yes the past and the management of it are constant challenges, but there remains a need not to let it hold you hostage.  Life and business have too much to offer for that!  Go for the gold starting today.

Penny for your thoughts!


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