Family Engagement Key to Success in Assisted Living

PIC - FRIENDLY ACT RM JONES JONES BWM 001I recall operating The Friendly Villa in the 1990’s with fond memories. One of the highlights of my experience was how every other Friday was family night. We would hang balloons, set out snacks and beverages, play some music and invite resident family members to hang out with us. It was a real blast.

Copy of PIC - RIVERS EDGE MARY TEN DAUGHTER 1-9-07Residents loved it and it endeared staff to resident family members. We even called family members the day before to remind them. Today similar things are being done in PIC - GRANNY ON SKYPEassisted living centers with relatives of residents all over the world using Skype and other on-line applications.

Family engagement of this type has incredible value. For one it builds a family’s confidence in your claim to have interest in a resident’s happiness and fulfillment. It also promotes resident psychological health by creating opportunities for regular interaction with those they love. In some cases residents even called relatives to remind them of the event and the need to come.

It is up to assisted living management to arrange these events and ensure they are enjoyable. Trust me, the benefits are invaluable.

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