Employers Must Set the Tone for Winning…Or You Lose!

PIC - EXCELLENCE ARISTOTLEWho in business does not want excellence?  All of us should want to strive to be our best.  This should apply in every aspect of our business from how efficiently and friendly we manage daily operations to our approach to outstandingly responsive customer service.

The atmosphere in a successful business is one of winning, even if things may be down somewhat for a day.  Sony Pictures might be a recent good example.  Surely being hacked the way they were has been devastating and opinions about their response and associated actions have come from pretty much everywhere.  However, even in the midst of all of this its leaders have chosen to seek to improve security and focus on their core business principles.  All of this while fighting to weather the storm with a progressive thinking approach and in the process not abandon their culture aimed at winning.

The same has to be true of a school principal after a bad academic report or tragedy and the same must be true of a care administrator after staff mistakes, negative results of regulatory investigations or similar mishaps.

If you operate a business in care – whether it is adult day care, assisted living or home care – can you honestly say those you employ witness a regular commitment to excellence in you in all aspects of the operation?  These few questions may help you make a more honest evaluation:

  1. Are you quick to accept responsibility for operational failures or does your staff hear you more often blaming regulators?
  2. Does your conversation center around solutions, i.e. how do we make this better or does it tend to lean more toward whose to blame?
  3. Do you put corrective plans for improvement in writing and then teach everyone how to follow it?  This does not refer to a corrective action plan you hand to licensing but a real plan that has details for everyone to follow that is measured daily with the goal of long-term improved operations.
  4. Does your temperament and judgment lend themselves to a team spirit or are you known for erratic or irrational approaches that divide good people and creates more frustration than solutions?
  5. Do you demonstrate a real commitment to outstanding customer service, i.e. a new letter of introduction and thanks to every new resident and referral source or do you treat receiving new business as though you deserved it?  When you demonstrate appreciation for someone deciding to utilize your services you send a signal of humility, fidelity to a worthy cause and commitment to well-managed relationships for your staff as opposed to feeding into an environment of entitlement.

Excellence is a process that involves how you do everything.  Is your commitment to it real?PIC - EXCELLENCE KEEP CALM

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