An Unfortunate and Potentially Dangerous Mischaracterization

A Look at The Inappropriate Discrediting of Day Services Programs Of course, program types and missions vary.  In the U.S. State of Georgia and other places, adult day care programs can be attended by residents admitted into Medicaid-funded personal care homes up to twice per week.  Both environments are reimbursed.  This adds to the cadre […]

I’ve Learned to “Conquer the Evil With the Good”

Business relationships are just like all others.  They require purpose, trust, defined function, responsibility and commitment.  I have never ignored that, even amidst serious challenges and they will come for every entrepreneur. Most in business understand the need not to get too excited about everyday challenges.  After all, no matter what we face someone else […]

Never Let an “Over-Reaction” Lead to an “Under-Performance”

Famed master salesperson, the late Zig Ziglar threw that statement around quite a bit, the one used in our title.  While it might be left to interpretation by some, we know he related it to the life of the small businessperson.  These hard-working entrepreneurs might be the most time-starved people on the planet.  In almost […]

The Perils of the Unlicensed Group Home…

If you were to go to the home page of the website for the Michigan state government department that regulates group homes you will find these words:  “State of Michigan does not license assisted or independent living facilities. Please note, however, that a Home for the Aged or Adult Foster Care Home license may be […]

Why So Many Small Business Partnerships Go Bust….

Small business still drives America.  They manufacture, offer care, offer business support services including transportation, remodel our homes, inspect our homes and so much more.  Many of these businesses have multiple owners.  Unfortunately, many also end up embroiled in controversy and the partners go their separate ways. This Blog Posting takes a look at why that […]

Home Care Employees Must Be Prepared for Human Issues

We need it now and likely will always need home care providers.  Too many of us have developed disabilities of varying types and simply cannot function independent of the assistance of others. What added preparation can mature, progressive home care providers give to your staff to help them manage what can be delicate human situations?  […]

A Special Care Coordinator’s Invite….

Those involved in care coordination, including case managers, always enjoy learning of new resources in the community.  Any progressive case manager/care manager will tell you they often have to organize their long-term care resources into geographic areas, to efficiently serve those in their caseload who require residential care. On September 19, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. […]

Considering a Franchise? Know What You are Buying….

Franchise opportunities abound, including in long-term care. We have them for home care, adult day care and assisted living. Some are a bit more seasoned, having served the business community for years while others are more embryonic, still finding their way. If you are considering a franchise opportunity in care, you need to make sure […]

Preparation is Half the Fun…Tips for Collaborative Planning

Preparing to start a new business can wake you up in the middle of the night with thoughts of joy and expectation.  There is so much to do, but the end result will change your life in profound ways.  How exciting! To ensure you reach your goals, there is a number one item you cannot […]

Group Home Managers Deserve Every Possible Edge…

Its easy to critique and to criticize those whom we choose for management roles in assisted living programs.  The group home manager is no different.  However, their work is so versatile and their responsibilities so immense that they become a member of several professions during each shift.  These auxiliary roles include housekeeper, secretary, bookkeeper, social […]