The Nonsensical Notion: Insisting on Reduced Transportation Cost byRehab Providers Based on Passenger Count…

Our Introduction: In the realm of insurance, the pursuit of cost savings is an ever-present concern for both providers and policyholders. However, when insurers insist on reducing transportation costs provided by rehabilitation transportation providers based on the number of passengers in a vehicle, a peculiar contradiction arises. This practice, although seemingly logical on the surface, […]

Enhancing Lives: The Importance of Structuring Meaningful Activities in Group Homes

In the realm of caring for individuals in group homes, there is a significant opportunity to transform lives through the intentional structuring of meaningful activities. Group homes play a crucial role in providing a supportive environment for individuals with diverse needs, from developmental disabilities to mental health challenges. Embracing training on structuring meaningful activities for […]

New Courses Added to Library

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc., an international provider of continuing education for over thirty, (30) health professions and credentials has introduced 22 new training products for group home operators during July 2023.  There is also one special training product for Adult and Child Protecive Services Workers.  This special one is Course #1193, which […]

Importance of Quality Continuing Education for Pharmacy Techs

Continuing education for pharmacy technicians is crucial for several reasons, as it ensures that these healthcare professionals remain competent, up-to-date, and capable of providing the best possible care to patients. Here are some key reasons why continuing education is so important for pharmacy technicians: 1. Evolving Medical Knowledge: The field of medicine is constantly evolving, […]

Unraveling the Mysteries: Why So Many Grant ProposalsFail to Succeed

Introduction: In the world of nonprofit organizations, research institutions, and other entities seeking funding for projects and initiatives, securing grants can be a lifeline for progress and success. However, despite the best intentions and efforts, a significant number of grant proposals do not meet with success. Unraveling the reasons behind this phenomenon can shed light […]

Sheltered Workshop Operations and Legitimacy

The term sheltered workshop refers to an organization or environment that employs people with disabilities separately from others, usually with exemptions from labor standards, including but not limited to the absence of minimum wage requirements. In the United States, an exemption in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 allowed a lower minimum wage for people with […]