Anyone Can Survive; But to Thrive You Need the Good Stuff…

Every human existence has some negatives and business is no different.  If you market via email some recipients are going to unsubscribe.  Some will unsubscribe for false reasons as well just to hurt you.  Who knows how an individual’s mind works???  If you render care, perhaps as an adult day care, assisted living or home health agency  someone will develop baseless expectations, offer a false accusation or figure out a way not to pay you – at least temporarily – forcing you to resolve an issue that should not have occurred.

PIC - UNFAIR INSPECTION CLIPBOARDWe hope it never happens but it is not unheard of to have to deal with the unfair approach of a biased or uninformed regulator or contract agency who refers to your care delivery services.  It happens.

As you manage your way through it all what is that key ingredient you have to have for success and a positive spirit that we call “the good stuff”?  It is “thick skin“.

We have to be able to have confidence in what we do.  Further as long as we are operating in a responsive, responsible, regulatory compliant manner there is no basis for us to run and hide from any situation.  You run from people who mean you no harm so as not to get dragged into their idiocy but not from what you enjoy when its legitimate, income-producing and fulfilling.

We take the fight to the front-line, sort of speak, and remind ourselves that our work has meaning and value.  That might be challenged by those who wish to read things into your agreements that are not there or whose mental state leads them to seek to blame others for their own failings.  At the end of the day, your confidence must not be measured by these relatively trivial matters but your commitment to what is right.

Let people ruin their own days; not yours.

So let them be angry.  Let them be vindictive.  Let them unsubscribe.  Let them un-friend you on Facebook.  Let them favor a competitor because you are no-nonsense.  Let them move out of your assisted living home since you refuse to be baptized into their drama.  Just make sure you work at maintaining the required “think skin” so your mission, income and happiness are not interrupted by those with unworthy intentions.

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