A Conglomerate Thinking Process Requires Conglomerate Quality Control

PIC - PRESIDENTIAL YPSI FRONT RAMP 2As is the case with any business led by real entrepreneurs, small-scale assisted living providers are often growth oriented. This includes those who may have spent decades in adult foster care in the State of Michigan, or operators of community residential group homes in the State of Florida or elsewhere. Often the urge to grow is precipitated by success in one small facility. This is an important ingredient and precursor to expansion.

Where it gets tricky is when the growth leads to opening more facilities but the operator is trying to run a larger business with a truly small-business mentality. As a result the quality control is not in place which should be an interwoven system of personnel training, management and supervision along with established and regularly inspected processes. The Quality Control Plan must be in writing and be the governing force behind the actions of all staff.

In the absence of that what occurs can be fatal. It often includes:
1. Medication errors
2. Documentation errors
3. Physical plant neglect (lack of cleanliness and maintenance)
4. Resident neglect and abuse
5. Other malfeasance (Staff with private company on property, poorly dressed, etc.)

PIC - MONEY BACKIn many cases community mental health agencies, area agencies on aging, agents of Medicaid waivers and others who may be purchasing services will begin to second guess your ability to manage residential care and seek to yank service agreements and your reputation gets yanked along with it. You can blame people whom you employ citing their low wages and your inability to recruit higher quality people with the budget you have.

This would not excuse what could have happened if only you had taken a stronger and more precise approach to daily management yourself. Remember before that second or third or fourth location opened its doors it was your responsibility to have in place a mechanism to assure the highest quality service delivery. No one can demand perfection from you but certain blunder types can be minimized with the right policy enforcement and corporate governance.

Avoid this drama with a commitment to outstanding management and documented approaches to ongoing service improvement. The end result could be a blossoming business with pride at the core of the end of every day. Need more technical information about developing quality initiatives. Ask us how.

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